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Labelf makes deep learning easy and accessible for everyone.
See how it works in minutes, no AI-skills required.

A 3 month project

An afternoon session

ML projects are often time consuming and associated with a certain degree of risk. As much as 80% of the time can be spent on labeling the data without knowing the outcome of the project.

Then comes the lifecycle of the model and deployment which accounts for additional costs and time beyond the initial project. Hardware, APIs etc.

Does it really have to be that way? Not with Labelf!
Labelf allows you to see results within minutes, and after a few hours it will be ready to deploy. Labelf lets you have an API ready in an afternoon.

Labelf is based on the latest breakthroughs in AI with Transformers.
Transformer based models have been used by the founders to beat the average participant on the language part of the Swedish SATs(Högskoleprovet)* and it is the technology behind the most hyped models such as GPT-3.

Transformers accelerates AI capability to previously unseen levels and now a new era of language automation has begun.

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Speed training

Real-time Training

Our models train in a matter of seconds. Get ready to unleash the full potential of direct interaction with AI!

Get recommendations

Amazing bulk recommendations

Add 100 samples in one go and the dataset is labeled in no time.

World Wide

100+ Languages

Our model knows the most common languages in the world. Crushing language barriers for you.

Instant value

1-Click deploy

Get your model as an API running ready for production with the click of a button.


A word from the Founders

We are proud of what we've accomplished and are eager to get feedback from you and see how we can help you classify texts. This first batch of users will be our core group that we will work closely with.

- Viktor Alm, Per Näslund och Filip Sörlin

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