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Investing in new customers is between 5 and 25 times more expensive than retaining existing ones
of customers are likely to make repeat purchases with companies who offer excellent customer service
Increasing customer retention rates by just 5% can increase profits by between 25% and 95%

Do you know what your customers are thinking and saying when they are reaching out to you through Zendesk?

Labelf holding a sales ticket it has found

VOC (Voice of the customer)
VOC is a marketing term for what your customers' expectations, preferences and aversions are. Instead of bothering your customers with forms and interviews you can use AI to datamine your own previous customer interactions to get the information you need.

Zendesk and VOC

Zendesk can not do an advanced fine grained analysis of what your customers are having problems with. Zendesk started back in 2007 and the advanced NLP(Natural language processing) capabilities that exist today were not available when designing the Customer Service System.

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Labelf holding a sales ticket it has found

Labelf and Zendesk
Labelf is a no code NLP platform for classifying text. We can create custom text classifiers in minutes and we connect with Zendesk!

Labelf can provide you, as a Zendesk customer with the latest technology to use AI to understand the voice of your customers. You can teach Labelf to perform fine grained customer analysis based on their tickets.

Find anything
Some tasks to teach label to find the voice of your customer with Labelf in Zendesk is:

  • Frustration
  • Urgency
  • Product improvement feedback
  • How well is your product packaged
  • How did they experience delivery speed
  • Where in the checkout process are they encountering trouble
  • What caused your product to fail
  • Why they returned your product
  • What was bad about your product
  • What did they really like about your product
  • Did they buy it because they were recommended
  • What was their use case for buying your product
Labelf holding a sales ticket it has found

Labelf and Zendesk
Being able to use AI to see in real time what the “voice of the customer” is for your particular areas that you would like to know more about can be a gamechanger for measuring success and making well informed data-driven decisions.

A word from our customers

At Reforma we use Zendesk as our customer support solution. Although we channel some of our support tickets through a form on our website we still experienced that many support tickets would come in straight via email and therefore would not be categorized. This created a lot of extra work for us as we then needed to categorize the tickets manually.

Using Labelf we quickly trained a custom AI to learn exactly how our categorization works. First we downloaded their app from the Zendesk marketplace. Then with just a few clicks we could get the AI started and let it categorize our incoming tickets for us. Now we no longer have the problem with uncategorized tickets and we save several hours per week not having to sift through them.

Testimonial customer
Louise Hallén
E-Coordinator, Reforma
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Zendesk partner

We are proud to be a Zendesk qualified partner and can provide you with a high quality AI experience in Zendesk. Our goal with our integration with Zendesk is to provide you with a seamless experience for implementing your own custom AI for ticket tagging. Having your tickets properly tagged automatically with AI enables you to route, prioritize and analyze at a new level in Zendesk.

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