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What is Labelf?


No Code AI

You can create a text classification AI with research-level performance without knowing anything about deep learning

Smooth data

Warp Speed learning

Labelf helps you with the training data. Reducing your data labeling time to minutes instead of weeks.

Speed training

Instant results

Labelf trains in a matter of seconds. You do not have to wait or struggle with results that does not adapt.


100+ Languages

Do not worry about languages. Labelf knows the most common languages in the world. Crushing language barriers for you.


Ready to work

Spawn Labelf in our cloud. Labelf will automatically scale for your workloads.


1000+ Integrations

Make Labelf useful right away. Through our integration with Zapier you can put Labelf to work almost anywhere.


A word from our customers

"it all went very smoothly!"  - Karin Claesson, Systems Specialist at Qvalify
We at Qvalify have built a software solution for accredited certification. The system is used both by the companies that are being certified and by the auditors performing the certification. We identified a process where Labelf's AI technology could assist our users in reading a text and suggesting which paragraphs and standard the text was about.

The implemented solution ended up saving several minutes per nonconformity since they no longer had to scroll through long pick lists. This allowed the auditors to focus more on integration with the customer during the audit. Labelf assisted us in implementing the API and it all went very smoothly!  
- Karin Claesson, Systems Specialist at Qvalify
A 3 month project

All you need is an afternoon with Labelf

Some estimate that 80% of resources for developing an AI-model is spent on data gathering, cleaning and labeling. Then comes the model life-cycle and infrastructure. Labelf solves these problems and we remove virtually all risk from a text classification project since you get results in minutes!

Start automating now!

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Find new customers

Have Labelf read through channels your potential customers post. Find people posting about problems you can solve and notify your sales team in real time. Get new product ideas with solid data on what they are talking about.

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What do people say about your brand?

Have Labelf read through social media and teach it to find what people say about your latest campaign or products. Are they recommending it to friends?

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What do your customers think?

You can put Labelf to work by uploading reviews from your customers. Maybe you want to know how many of your customers are satisfied and what they liked in particular. Teach Labelf to find constructive criticism and improve your product with their feedback. Find troublesome items or product descriptions that needs updating. You decide!

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Follow up on the support team

If you have Labelf in your support data stream you can teach it to monitor what ever you would like to know. Is a team member not acting professional? Manage your queue by teaching labelf to find angry customers and reduce emotional stress for your team. You can do all sorts of monitoring and filtering with Labelf.

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Manage your company Mail inbox

Have Labelf read your inbox and send the invoices to accounting, the sales leads and customer support requests to the right team.

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Reduce environmental impact

Let Labelf find clothes in your online store that has an unordinary fit. Display these comments to help your customers judge sizing. Get alerts when a customer writes a review that mentions problems with sizing so you can adjust product descriptions. Save resources on returns.

Labelf makes deep learning easy and accessible for everyone.
See how it works in minutes, no AI-skills required.

Start automating now!

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Customer reviews

How was feature X?
Did they like the product?
Would they recommend it?
Was there a defect?
Are they reporting a a bug?
Does this text contain a feature request?
Was the product as advertised?

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Customer social media posts

Did a customer post something on twitter about your product?
Are they recommending it?
What do they think about your new update?
Is it a sales lead?

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Incoming emails

Is it a sales lead?
Is it an invoice?
Is it a security alert?
Is it a product delivery?
is it a customer support request?
What kind of customer support request?

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Customer Support

Is it urgent?
What problem do they have?
Who should support them?
Are they angry?
Do they want to buy anything?
Is it something our FAQ answers?

Labelf makes deep learning easy and accessible for everyone.
See how it works in minutes, no AI-skills required.

A word from the Founders

Join us early and get a head start on your competitors. We are working closely with our first customers and your success with Labelf is our core focus.

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