Labelf elevates your customer interactions

Amplify your data analysis and strengthen customer engagement with your uniquely customized models, designed for smooth automation and profound insights.

Driving Interaction Excellence for World-Class Brands

Unlock Powerful Insights

Experience the power of Labelf's AI in deciphering customer interactions. Labelf provides real-time insights via interactive dashboards, enabling swift decision-making. Streamline analysis, enhance accuracy, and embrace transparency with Labelf.

Automate to Accelerate

Maximize efficiency with Labelf's innovative customer support solutions. Rapid automation and intelligent response generation ensure swift service delivery. Focus on enhancing customer satisfaction and driving innovation with Labelf.

"The implemented AI solution saves us several minutes per errand so that we can focus more time on interacting with the customers."

Karin Claesson
Planner/Systems Specialist, Qvalify

What benefits will you get with Labelf?

Decrease your response time and avoid second routing

Slow support response times is a leading cause of customer dissatisfaction. Labelf helps you resolve your customer queries faster and increase your customer satisfaction.

Immediately identify and act on changes in your customer support

Labelf visualises the drivers of support query volume, call time and customer satisfaction in real time. This allows you to monitor and adress new issues instantly to heighten you customer satisfaction.

Reduce operational costs and decrease churn

Utilizing the insights from Labelf you can proactively adress issues and reduce the workload for your support team. This allows for focused work on customer satisfaction and churn decreasing interactions..

Increase the customer insight

With custom AI models, you can categorize all your incoming and historical tickets instantly. This provides a whole new level of understanding of the types of issues and questions your customers have.

Handle multiple languages with ease

Expand the business abroad? No problem! Train your AI model in one language, and it will handle all your tickets regardless of language.

Make better decisions

Optimize your decision making with improved data quality and analysis. Labelf analyzes all your customer interactions so that you can have the full picture.

The process

What is Labelf AI?

Labelf exists to enable you to create and implement fantastic AI to make your business better. Therefore we have built a no code AI platform that allows for anyone to create their own custom NLP models. 

Creating and running AI solutions in-house can be a costly and time-consuming process. We see that this tends to stifle creativity and the willingness to explore new possibilities. With Labelf you can smash these barriers as you can create your own AI model in 20 minutes. Our active learning approach to data annotation allows you to go from unlabeled data to production ready classification models blazingly fast.

But don’t just take our word for it, try it out for yourself! 

Keen to get started?

Try out the Labelf platform yourself and train your own customized AI models to analyze your data. You can also talk to us and we will create a unique solution for you

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