Find issues in your training data

A human is often only capable of labeling at 80% accuracy which leads to bad data. Theres a myriad of factors that can affect data quality and the only thing that's certain is that data quality can always be improved.

With this reality in mind we’ve created a feature which we call model corrects. The model looks at your data and then outputs what it has trouble understanding actually is a member of the class its said to be.

This allows you to clean up your data giving you better data quality for model training, decision making and customer focused implementations with your datasets.
Build your own AI model in an afternoon.
Coding knowledge not required.

What benefits can you get with Labelf?

Make decisions based on data you can trust

Labelf makes sure the categories you have for your data is correct. Giving you more reliable data that you can trust.

Data cleaning with turbo

Labelf’s NLP (Natural Language Processing) AI model provides next level of accuracy with transformer-based analysis powered by the latest deep learning developments.

Reduce time improving quality

With labelf's lightning-fast and precise engine, it quickly finds texts that may be of the wrong category and reduces the time to find errors.

Better precision

Garbage in - garbage out is a common concept with in the data world. By training models on high quality data you get better performing models.

100+ languages

Expanding business overseas? No worries! Train your model simply in one language,  and it works in 100+ languages.

Living data

Your categories change over time as your business changes. By changing the data for the categories, the model can accompany you on your journey.

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"The implemented solution ended up saving several minutes per nonconformity allowing the auditors to focus more on interacting with the customer during each audit."

Karin Claesson
Systems Specialist, Qvalify

Easy to use, easier to start

Step 1

Connect with your platform

Seamlessly integrate Labelf with your customer support systems.
Step 2

Create and train your model

Labelf AI model can learn from your existing labeled tickets, or you can start training while customizing the model to your needs.
Step 3

Activate your model

Start using the AI model and enjoy the intelligence and convenience!

Can’t wait to build your own AI model?

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What is low quality data?

Data are saved traces from a process. Often, you don't save the right data from the process or think about what other useful results the data can have outside the process.

This in combination with old data and poor concentration can lead to the fact that the data you are sitting on is not valuable for the result you hope to get from doing an analysis or automating the process it comes from.
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