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We at Qvalify have a software solution for accredited certification. The system is used both by the companies that are being certified and by the auditors performing the certification. We identified a process where Labelf's AI technology could be hugely beneficial in assisting our users in reading a text and suggesting which standard the text belonged to.

The implemented solution ended up saving several minutes per nonconformity allowing the auditors to focus more on interacting with the customer during each audit.

Karin Claesson
Systems Specialist, Qvalify

Office setting with phone and computer
Furnitures from Reforma a customer giving testimonial

At Reforma we use Zendesk as our customer support solution. Although we channel some of our support tickets through a form on our website we still experienced that many support tickets would come in straight via email and therefore would not be categorized. This created a lot of extra work for us as we then needed to categorize the tickets manually.

Using Labelf we quickly trained a custom AI to learn exactly how our categorization works. First we downloaded their app from the Zendesk marketplace. Then with just a few clicks we could get the AI started and let it categorize our incoming tickets for us. Now we no longer have the problem with uncategorized tickets and we save several hours per week not having to sift through them.

Louise Hallén
E-Com Cordinator, Reforma

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