Use active learning for speed & accuracy

We have built a recommendation system that, with the help of the model you train, intelligently looks for relevant training examples. You get the right training examples for the model when you teach it. You can train an accurate model really quickly.

Data annotation can take an incredible amount of time. According to some surveys, 80% of the resources to create a model go to cleaning and annotation. We ourselves have been in and seen consulting projects where data scientists use excel manually or other tools together with domain experts for months to annotate data. We've now solved that problem.
Build your own AI model in an afternoon.
Stop training and start teaching!

What benefits can you get with Labelf?

Faster training

Labelf retrains every 20th example its gets, which gives you data that is always in-sync with the model

Latest technology

Labelf’s NLP (Natural Language Processing) AI model provides next level of accuracy with transformer-based analysis powered by the latest deep learning developments.

Bulk recommendations

We can quickly identify what examples is needed for improvement. By actively searching for examples where the model has the wrong prediction but is confident.

Improve weak classes

Labelf keeps track of its performance on all classes and is actively using that information for its recommendations saving you time focusing on the right training data

100+ languages

Expanding business overseas? No worries! Train your model simply in one language,  and it works in 100+ languages.

Finding confusing examples

Finding the most confusing examples for the model allows labelf to adjust and help the model become more confident and accurate

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"The implemented solution ended up saving several minutes per nonconformity allowing the auditors to focus more on interacting with the customer during each audit."

Karin Claesson
Systems Specialist, Qvalify

Easy to use, easier to start

Step 1

Connect with your platform

Seamlessly integrate Labelf with your customer support systems.
Step 2

Create and train your model

Labelf AI model can learn from your existing labeled tickets, or you can start training while customizing the model to your needs.
Step 3

Activate your model

Start using the AI model and enjoy the intelligence and convenience!

Can’t wait to build your own AI model?

Deploy automated ticket routing and improve your customer support today.
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What is active learning?

By working together with the model and your dataset, you can teach it in a more intelligent way. Active learning is when you with help of the model search for the most relevant datapoints to train the model as efficently as possible.
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