Take your CSAT analysis to the next level with AI

Understanding your customers' wishes and challenges down to the smallest detail is crucial for being able to meet them in the best possible way. Imagine you had access to an AI platform that made it possible to automatically build detailed report flows and dig into historical data. How much faster would your decision-making process become?

Improve your customer satisfaction

With custom made AI models from Labelf. This can become a reality! By training models from Labelf to read customer feedback on free text fields and automatically classify the various wishes, you build a basis for your CSAT and DSAT analysis. The AI model can then continuously analyze incoming responses from new customer data such as feedback surveys and work automatically.
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What benefits do you get with Labelf?

Shorten time to action

Labelf can monitor your incoming CSAT feedback about your product or service from multiple channels and make real time predictions. Giving you the ability to act immediately when a negative trend is identified.

Achieve greater accuracy with NLP

Labelf’s NLP (Natural Language Processing) AI model provides next level of accuracy with transformer-based analysis powered by the latest deep learning developments.

Spend time where it matters

By automating the manual work of classifying data, you can focus on the interpretation of data and understanding of your customers' needs.

Improve customer satisfaction

By understanding your customers' exact needs, you get a better foundation for taking relevant measures that drastically increase your customer satisfaction.

Handle multi-lingual queries with ease

Expanding business overseas? No worries! Train your model simply in one language,  and it understands your customers in 100+ languages.

Make better decisions

Optimize your decision-making processes with smart data. Labelf can analyze your customers' wishes in a large amount of data faster than any trained eye.

"The implemented AI solution saves us several minutes per errand so that we can focus more time on interacting with the customers."

Karin Claesson
Planner/Systems Specialist, Qvalify

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Connect with your platform

Seamlessly integrate Labelf with your customer support systems.
Step 2

Create and train your model

Labelf AI model can learn from your existing labeled data, or you can start training while customizing the model to your needs.
Step 3

Activate your model

Start using the AI model and enjoy the intelligence and convenience!

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What is AI based CSAT analysis?

Customer Satisfaction Score (CSAT) is a way to measure the customer experience and shows the percentage of customers who are satisfied. Apart from this, CSAT surveys often contain free text fields where you want to capture special customer feedback that cannot be accommodated in a scoring or yes/no question. By training an AI model to read these free text fields to find, and classify, the various requests, you build an automatic pipeline for your CSAT analysis regardless of which survey tool you are using. This AI model can then analyze incoming new customer surveys and work completely automatically.

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