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The process

The process

deep learning knowledge required
reduced labeling time
times faster than human reading speed

A word from our customers

"We at Qvalify have a software solution for accredited certification. The system is used both by the companies that are being certified and by the auditors performing the certification. We identified a process where Labelf's AI technology could be hugely beneficial in assisting our users in reading a text and suggesting which standard the text belonged to.

The implemented solution ended up saving several minutes per nonconformity allowing the auditors to focus more on interacting with the customer during each audit."

Karin Claesson
Systems Specialist, Qvalify

Developers love us. Business leaders trust us.

Eliminate any efficiency problem

Labelf helps with fast and easy text automation and analytics for market research, customer support, internal text flows and more.
Streamline customer support
Find lost revenue
Extract insights from text
Label your datasets
Automate text heavy processes
Lead scoring
Find out what your customers talk about
Online Retail
Automate your customer support and extract insights from customer interactions
Streamline your product by automating text processes in the user journey
Identify fraudulent actors or collect insights from social media about potential investments
Moderate in game chat functions or identify and localize bugs from chat logs
Take automated decisions on the easiest tasks and let your personnel focus on the tough cases
Head of Customer Support
Automate customer support and gain more insights in where your biggest challenges are
Customer Success Manager
Gain more insights from customer surveys and understand your customer
Product Owner
Understand what your users like and dislike by extracting insights from reviews
Data Analyst
Extract more important insights from any text data that you already work with
Startup Founder
Quickly get that extra AI edge that is impossible to get with the kind of resources available to a startup
Data Scientist
Label your data quickly and painlessly with our tool that uses active learning to assist and speed up your labelling


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