Find sales leads in your customer interactions

Are you tired of manually scanning through countless customer support conversations to find potential sales leads? Our platform uses advanced technology to quickly and accurately identify customers who may be interested in your product.

With our platform, you can search through customer support conversations in just a few minutes, and find potential sales leads who have mentioned relevant issues or concerns. This means that you don't have to spend hours sifting through conversations manually, and you can focus on building relationships with potential customers instead.

Identify relevant leads

Our platform uses advanced algorithms and natural language processing to understand the meaning of customer interactions, and identify potential sales leads based on relevant issues and concerns.

Try it out now and see how our advanced technology can help you find valuable insights and measure key performance indicators in your customer interactions.
Never miss a sales opportunity again!
Get results in 20 minutes

What benefits will you get with Labelf? And how?

Save time and effort

 With our advanced technology, you can search through customer support conversations in just a few minutes, and find potential sales leads quickly and easily.

Identify relevant leads

Our platform can help you find sales leads who have mentioned issues with their home's construction. These customers may be interested in products that can improve their wifi signal, and our platform can help you add them to your sales leads list.

Improve customer relationships

By identifying potential sales leads and reaching out to them, you can build stronger relationships with customers and improve their satisfaction with your business.

Increase sales

By focusing on potential sales leads who are most likely to be interested in your product, you can increase your sales and grow your business.

Handle multi-lingual queries with ease

Expand the business abroad? No problem! Train your AI model in one language, and it will handle all your tickets regardless of language.

Avoid frustrated customers getting stuck in queues

Research shows that only 17% of customers recommend a brand that provides a slow response, even if it's correct and effective. Labelf's AI model will help you shorten your response time and avoid frustrated customers.

“Labelf AI Team is fantastic! They are REALLY REALLY helpful and patient in setting up the AI platform to match our needs. Huge shoutout to Ted and Per, the ever so knowledgeable and friendly duos that make everything seems like a breeze. Highly recommended for others who need AI assistance in categorizing tickets!”

WK Yong
Customer Support Manager, Tada

Easy to use, easier to start

Step 1

Connect with your platform

Seamlessly integrate Labelf with your customer support systems.
Step 2

Create and train your model

Labelf AI model can learn from your existing labeled data, or you can start training while customizing the model to your needs.
Step 3

Activate your model

Start using the AI model and enjoy the intelligence and convenience!

Ready to create your own AI model

Implement automatic sales stage identification and take your customer conversion to the next level.

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What is a sales lead in Customer support?

Sales leads are potential customers who show interest in a company's products or services. One way to find sales leads in customer support tickets is to use a tool that can analyze the tickets that indicate interest in purchasing.

For example, a customer who writes in with a question about pricing or availability of a product could be a potential sales lead. The company can then follow up with that customer to try to convert them into a paying customer.

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