AI for Document Classification

Are you struggling with staying on top of your documents? Is your folder structure not keeping up with the task of organizing your material? Are you required to tag which documents belong to a certain category or should belong to a certain classification? Documents are often at the heart of many organizations. Legal documents, research presentations, internal notes and everything else is amassed but usually not categorized in a structured way.

Create clarity in your documents with AI

Labelf AI lets you create your own custom NLP models to categorize and tag all your documents. By implementing AI you can automatically run through all your files and classify them by content, security level, document type or anything else needed.
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What benefits will you get with Labelf?

Create AI models for your needs

Your business is unique and therefore you need unique and tailored AI models to categorize your documents. Labelfs' AI engine allows you to do just this. Create models to analyze anything.

Process vast amounts of data instantly

Manual categorization of documents is a thing of the past. It is extremely time consuming and also prone to manual errors. Labelf allows you to quickly process your entire database.

Spend your time where it matters

Instead of manually categorizing all your documents you can now focus your time on more high value tasks. Let Labelf help you find manually misscategorized data or suggestions for new categories that seem to suit your data.

Implement as it suits you

Leverage the Labelf API to put your AI models in production. Maybe you need to categorize every slide in your presentation material whereas for text documents you wish to categorize it in its entirety no problem!

Smash language barriers

All models you build with Labelf works in 100+ languages so don’t worry about documents that are in a language that you don’t know. Labelf will still categorize them for you.

Gain understanding of your knowledge base

Leveraging AI for document classification gives a fantastic overview and searchability of your knowledge base.This lets you access the information you need and reduces the risk of duplicate work greatly.

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“Labelf AI Team is fantastic! They are REALLY REALLY helpful and patient in setting up the AI platform to match our needs. Huge shoutout to Ted and Per, the ever so knowledgeable and friendly duos that make everything seems like a breeze. Highly recommended for others who need AI assistance in categorizing tickets!”

WK Yong
Customer Support Manager, Tada

Easy to use, easier to start

Step 1

Connect with your platform

Seamlessly integrate Labelf with your customer support systems.
Step 2

Create and train your model

Labelf AI model can learn from your existing labeled data, or you can start training while customizing the model to your needs.
Step 3

Activate your model

Start using the AI model and enjoy the intelligence and convenience!

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What is AI for document classification?

Using AI for document classification means that you train Natural Language Processing (NLP) models to go through sections or your entire documents and assign appropriate categories to each document or section. This can be used to improve the internal processes but can also be an important step in certifying external requirements such as ISO standards or other regulatory requirements.

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